Trust No. F/5574/
Banaskantha Society No. Guj/5476/ Banaskantha
Date : 10-07-2012

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About Us

“Goswami Pragati Cheritable Trust” is nonprofit organization registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 and Society Registration Act, 1860 to solve the different kind of the problems of women, children, youth, senior citizen, farmers, and unorganized labors as well as to enable them so that they can enjoy their all fundamental rights. So that they can develop very well from all sphere of lives. For said purpose organization is working since the inspection. With the vision to do community development from all the sphere of lives.

Key Activities

Objectives of the Organization

» To carry out educational activities.
» To fulfill the needs of needy woman and children concerning education.
» To start and maintain “training centre of handicrafts, cottage industries and Mehandi class.
»  To aware and avail education to the women need.

Focused Groups